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A national award winning firm

Our primary mission is to keep America strong by helping worthy causes and strong leaders to successfully navigate the dynamic environments of politics, government and business while making positive change for their communities and our country.

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Decades of experience

American Strategies wants you to be more than a successful candidate; we want you to be an effective and energetic public servant.

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American Strategies will help you formulate a fundraising plan, assist in targeting potential donors, and help you raise the money you need to wage a successful campaign.


Our creative fusion of design and message ensures your campaign message is not lost in the daily onslaught of ads and letters in a mailbox.


The staff at American Strategies provides their combined 100 years of experience in campaign and government service to craft your campaign message


Knowledge is power; and understanding the views and beliefs of voters is critical to crafting any campaign strategy and message.


American Strategies draws on years of experience to develop a campaign strategy custom tailored to the unique circumstances of your election.


Modern campaigns need to be online shaping their message and their opponents image as well.

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