The American Strategies team has consulted on well over 500 campaigns in 43 states, amassing an 83% win percentage.  We have experience at all levels of campaigns from Presidential campaigns down to local referendums.  Our work, and our team, has been recognized by industry leaders as some of the best out there.

Michael F. Colley Award (2003)

AAPC Silver Pollie Award (2006)

AAPC Gold Pollie Award (2006)

Politics Magazine Rising Star Award (2007)

Politics Magazine Reed Award (2008)

Michael F. Colley Award (2009)

AAPC Gold Pollie Award – Best State Level Candidate TV Contrast (2012)

AAPC Goldie Award – Candidate Silver Elephant – Direct Mail – Candidate – State Legislature (2014 – awarded in 2016)

AAPC Goldie Award – Golden Elephant – Interactive Push Button Calls – Local/County (2015 – awarded in 2016)

AAPC Silver Pollie Award – Automated Calls – Local/Municipal/Regional Non-Mayoral (2016)

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