Communications & Media Relations

Communications & Media Relations

Message Development (w/Brand Integration), Media Relations, Writing / Editing & Content Placement, Media Training (Group & Individual & Staff) and Crisis Management / Rapid Response Team

Knowing what to say is just as important as how you say it.  The staff at American Strategies provides their combined 100 years of experience in campaign and government service to craft your campaign message in a convincing manner that moves voters.

When it comes to the media, the best advertising is free advertising and no one is better at getting your name or message published in rapidly expanding media delivery platforms than American Strategies.  In addition to the traditional print and electronic media, we will develop and help you implement a media strategy that gets the right message in front of the right people.

Navigating the turbulent waters of a crisis is difficult when every step could compound the problem.  By quickly and carefully crafting a message and utilizing various public relations strategies and tactics, we can help spin your issue into yesterday’s news.

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