Our Approach

Our Approach

We get the job done professionally and efficiently.

The average American receives over 20,000 messages a week via television, radio, email, the internet, phone calls and direct mail. Breaking through the clutter so that a voter receives your message is challenging; and without a professionally run campaign, it’s almost impossible in today’s political environment. Our proven methods of targeting, message development, and strategy ensure our clients are positioned to win on Election Day. We reduce the amount of campaign dollars wasted on non-voters while maximizing the effectiveness of your message and tactics. That’s why American Strategies has maintained an 80% win ratio in its history.


We provide you with a single point of contact.

American Strategies focuses our candidates on two things — meeting voters and raising money. Consequently, we eliminate the wasted time and headaches required to coordinate countless specialty consultants and vendors. We make the process of running a campaign easier by providing our candidate and their committee with a single point of contact for all of their campaign requirements. We develop the strategy, draft the plan, and then handle all the details while you focus on meeting and persuading voters!


We are your long-term partner.

American Strategies believes that good government is good politics and that success is only possible through collaboration. We view each client as a partner in moving America forward. Additionally, we know your political career is too important to be given a cookie cutter ready-made strategy. That’s why we continually strive for solutions that are as effective as they are unique. Unlike most political consultants, our partnership doesn’t end on Election Day. We help our clients develop sound public policy and craft effective public relations strategies. In short, we’ll be the partner you need to create a disciplined, aggressive and successful political career.

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