To Serif Or Not To Serif, Is That Even A Question?

To Serif Or Not To Serif, Is That Even A Question?

In fact, it is and it lends heavily to the discussion of the importance of font usage in political strategy. At election time, our televisions and radios, our computers and phones, newspapers and magazines—those ever important channels of public interaction and impression are so inundated with the stuff of political campaigns that seemingly minor but highly influential details go unnoticed.

A well-researched design team knows the importance of those details, such as the influence a particular font can make on the entire persona of a political campaign.

Unschooled receivers of messages from political campaigns might not be able to articulate how the details of a campaign affect them; but the untrained eye still receives vital information. It knows if what it sees is appealing, clean, and fresh, or ugly, disturbing, and worse.

It registers the information rapidly even when it doesn’t quite know what it’s seeing. A well-thought out logo can change the course of a campaign.

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